Friday, September 21, 2007

I Am Back...

I am back.. Yes, after some weeks of hibernation. It helps to rest if one must, in order to get oneself very well in focus when one goes back to what he vocationally does.
In my absence, there were lessons that I stumbled across which are too valuable in life to ignore. For one, I came into contact with a living testimony of how, for example, a communist state -- although it has begun to experiment with opening its system up, especially its economic system, to influence of capitalism -- can actually overtake a democratic nation like ours in terms of economic progress. I am referring to Vietnam. A war-torn country, that has a history of a hundred years or so of resistance against Chinese invasion, Vietnam defeated the American soldiers and their high-tech military hardware -- as what happens to the same hapless American soldiers in Iraq. I, at the outset, was thinking that probably to explain the phenomenon of our lagging behind and Vietnam overtaking us is our difference of the over all systems of our and their nations' life. We are capitalists, and we love free market. We pride of our practise of democracy. Vietnam is just beginning to open its doors to slowly let in capitalism. Their government is very well into the business of regulating the market, as opposed to neo-liberal economic philosophy. They are yet to go over their communism.
However, I believe that I am still to learn more in order to more fully understand the realism that I've found. For as I am back, I feel distressed -- again!!! -- since I came to know that ours in Mindoro is actually not a hopeless case. Ours is just a result of the confluence of a politically immature population, and a second rate political leaders.

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