Monday, October 29, 2007

JTV, Barangay Captain

Yesterday, the almost postponed Barangay and SK elections were held. No, I should say, it was the elections that was postponed a number of times that the fear of Sen. Aquilino Pimentel was that the SK’s who were holding their positions were no longer young. It was because the supposedly three-year term reached more than five years. As it is always told of governance – you have a very good leader and the term of three years is just like tomorrow; you have a very bad governance and it seems like eternity.
Yesterday, too, JTV handily won over his rivals for the position of Barangay Captain in Bubog, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.
What accounts for this? At least we can explain his triumph on a number of reasons: firstly, a long time politician that he is, he remains a clout. He has an edge in name recall. He has a track record to show – never mind if his political track record is as gloomy as the stormy night. Side by side with this he has a very wide experience in political exercises such as the elections. He knew how to campaign, to vote buy, to cajole people’s vote and sympathy…
Secondly, he undoubtedly has his big number of followings. Blind followings, I should say. These are people who, despite of the overwhelming evidence of bad leadership, moral failure and even relational fall-outs, still stick to their big boss – “kay JTV kami” emblazooned in their white shirts.
Thirdly, nobody of solid and impeccable political background squared it off with him. It was a joke during the campaign period that because a convict was running, those “who were with him in this contest” were a policeman and a security guard – to mind supposedly the manners of the felon. Anyway, no one from Bubog gave JTV a run for his money. The former Barangay Captain of Bubog, a man surnamed Acla, was reportedly “visited one night” in his house – regarding the prospect of him running against JTV. The result of the visit? Acla ran as Kagawad.
Fourthly, and this already pertains to the people of Bubog, the practise of JTV during the pre-campaign period was he opened his “services” to his constituents. What do I mean? He fed them, he distributed goods, and promised scholarship. The most prudent manner of saying this is: the people of Bubog cannot be counted on still, insofar as the minimum of political maturity is concerned.
Fifth, we have a COMELEC officer in San Jose who is known for his indecision and lousy actions. Mike Artanggo, a JTV opponent in yesterday’s elections, filed a disqualification case against the convict. It was on ground of non-residency. In COMELEC rulings, those who may run for public office must maintain a residency in the place where he/she aspires to serve. And residency is six months before the election time. JTV has been spending years of his life already in Muntinlupa. Artanggo has reason for his complain. And Mr. Balayan, the COMELEC officer, has his own reason too – which he alone knows.
Now that JTV has won, what to expect? I see at least two scenarios. One, Bubog has a Barangay Captian in absentia. I do not know how this is going to be resolved. Will the DILG step in? Or the COMELEC? Kawawa naman ang Bubog..
The second scenario consists in JTV coming home to do his political role… But, how? After the pardoning of Erap Estrada, JTV’s pardon is not far-fetched? This is unfortunate but we have a President who has a pickle mind. Or he wins his appeal, because after the former Solicitor General – the supposedly Government Lawyer – had argued already before 2006 ends that JTV should not have been convicted. It’s the competence of the court, of course. But political influence is going to be a factor.. For sure.


boyong said...

the actual scenario on this matter is; jtv want to be the abc chair, if that happens he is automatically the member of sangguniang panlalawigan. then he can do the things he want to do againts the administration in their, and the people of occ. mdo will supper. when we gonna have a true public servant and when we gonna be responsible citizen, better not be to late (when we are dead)...,


ang nangyari dito ay: naglabas ng circular ang DILG days before the ABC election. ang malinaw na laman nito ay ang pagbabawal sa election ng isang absentee. so, ang nangyari ay napilitan si JTV na mag-field ng ibang kandidato. at si Kapitan Palmares ang kaniyang napili. sa eleksyon, natalo si Palmares dahil ang pagboto ng mga kapitan ay base sa kanilang kinaaanibang partido. obviously, mas maraming kapitan sa poder ni sato.
isa pang lumitaw na dahilan ay maaaring si jtv ay ayaw lamang mawala sa circulation. kasi mukhang talagang lagay ang kaniyang loob na mabigyan ng pardon ng presidente. kung hindi, sayang lang ang pagsipsip nang masyado ni girlie.