Monday, February 4, 2008

When Our Representation Votes...

As of this posting, the House of Representatives has a new Speaker. JDV, the personification of traditional politics in the Congress, lost the Palace-initiated and -backed mutiny against his unprecedented -- in almost all respect -- speakership.
Amado Doronila, in his commentary (PDI, 4 February 2008), warns the Palace about the possible negative political effects of dethroning JDV.
But, well, as matter-of-factly said by one of the representatives in explaining his vote, the exercise is nothing but a number game.
But, to me, the significant thing in the nominal voting of the representatives for or against the motion to declare the position of speaker vacant was how the Representative of Occidental Mindoro.
Well, her YES vote is not surprising. I expected her to vote for or in favor of the Malacanan resident. For, it is PGMA who's going to grant what her heart truly desires -- the eventual clemency for her husband.
The more interesting occurrence was when she voted. Her family name was called: "Villarosa..." Despite the quality sound system of the Congress and the good coverage of DZMM TeleDyaryo, I did not hear her vote. Actually, the presider of the nominal voting even had to ask: "What's the vote of the Representative of Mindoro?" And then he quickly quipped: "PLEASE USE YOUR MIC..."
Of course it is not naive to think that our representative did not only know how to vote... for a baser thing is that she did not even know how to use the Congress' microphone...

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