Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here's the Side of the Victim-Family...

Quintos hopes for ‘divine justice’ after Villarosa acquittal
By Jocelyn UyPhilippine Daily InquirerFirst Posted 23:31:00 03/19/2008
MANILA, Philippines -- Crushed by his rival's acquittal, former congressman Ricardo Quintos now only hopes for the "ultimate divine justice."
Though he was not surprised about the acquittal of former lawmaker Jose Villarosa, Quintos said it only illustrated the "dysfunctional" judicial system in the country.
But he would not give up the fight, Quintos resolved.
"I still believe in the ultimate divine justice. Doon walang lagayan, walang palakasan. [With God, there are no bribes, there is no patronage.] But we will also do everything humanly possible," Quintos told the Philippine Daily Inquirer over the phone on Wednesday
His two sons Michael and Paul were killed in 1997 over a land and political dispute in Occidental Mindoro. Ricardo accused his longtime rival, Villarosa, of masterminding the killing.
Quintos said he was planning to question the Court of Appeals resolution acquitting Villarosa of two counts of murder before the Supreme Court.
"It took Judge Theresa Yadao eight years and six months to study the case, but the appellate court came out with the ruling [so soon], that it didn't bother to read the transcripts of the case," Quintos pointed out.
He also accused the Court of Appeals Associate Justice Noel Tijam of accepting bribes for a decision in favor of Villarosa.
Quintos claimed the "speedy" resolution of the case buttressed his suspicions. "Totoong bayad nga siya (It’s true he’s been bribed]," Quintos said boldly.
He added that the Villarosas were trumpeting about the former lawmaker's acquittal three days ago over the radio.
"They were very sure of an acquittal. They have been boasting about it even before the CA issued the ruling today (Wednesday)," he said.
Since the radio announcement, Quintos has been bombarded with calls from concerned people. "I was really expecting his acquittal already," he said.
Quintos was also set to file an administrative case against Tijam for supposedly disregarding his motion for certiorari which he filed with the high court after the CA junked his petition asking for Tijam's inhibition.
He pointed out that Tijam handed down the resolution on Wednesday, while his motion was still pending with the Supreme Court.
Suspecting that Tijam was on the take, Quintos earlier sought his inhibition but was turned down. The court, in turn, threatened to cite him in contempt.
"But I told the court that I was ready to go to jail just so that Justice Tijam would inhibit from the case," Quintos recounted.
He also doubted the reasons Villarosa gave for his hospital confinement, saying that his doctors kept mum about his real condition. "It is he who always explains his condition, not the doctors or the hospital," Quintos observed.
Quintos’ efforts to retrieve hospital documents were futile as his lawyers were always instructed to seek a court order first
According to Villarosa, he has not been released from Makati Medical Center as he was still susceptible to infection following a "major" lung surgery last January. He has not gone back to the New Bilibid Prison since December.

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