Thursday, March 20, 2008

Political Influence in JTV Acquittal?

VACC: Villarosa acquittal a huge setback for justice
By Jerome AningPhilippine Daily InquirerFirst Posted 21:37:00 03/19/2008
MANILA, Philippines -- The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption expressed its “dismay” over the Court of Appeals reversal of former congressman Jose Villarosa’s conviction for the murders of his political rival’s sons.
“I'm dismayed. We're not happy with the decision. This is a setback in the crime victims' quest for justice,” VACC founding chair Dante Jimenez told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in a phone interview.
Through its “Court Watch” program, VACC monitored the Villarosa trial at the Quezon City regional trial court. Jimenez said that based on their monitoring, they established that Judge Teresa Yadao “made the right decision” in convicting the former congressman for the murders of the two sons of former congressman Ricardo Quintos.
While he hoped “no political influence was involved in rendering the reversal,” Jimenez said VACC has been “alarmed” by the number of high-profile convictions that have recently been reversed by the Court of Appeals.
“We hope that the CA justices who reviewed the Villarosa case are able to sleep peacefully at night,” Jimenez said.

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