Thursday, November 8, 2007

Still Villarosa is lucky...

Still Villarosa is lucky, notwithstanding the self-dug hole she's in after her attempt to cover up the President of the make-believe Strong Republic in relation to the issue of cash gift, er, bribery of solons and local government stalwarts in Malacanan last October.
Why lucky? Precisely because in the Philippines politics is local..
The extent of the damage to her political damage is confined in Manila (where I heard invictives were meted her, as reported by one radio station). In Occidental Mindoro, nobody seems to have given her revelation of herself being the "bag lady" a damn..
I hope I was wrong..
One time, I chanced upon the Gir-lie Villarosa in the airport of San Jose. She was from Manila, and she was accorded with a quite a size of throng to see her come home. To my mind then, well, for someone who very seldom comes home -- thus, almost a visitor -- a welcome such as this is justified. (Of course, she's our representative in the Congress!)
I actually am pained by my anticipation that even after this brouhaha in Manila when she comes home, she will still be warmly welcomed by her supporters in the airport. Yes, I am very recent for this.. For politics is local.. And for which she is still lucky..

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