Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why the Cover Up of Villarosa?

Since I learned of the "heroic deed" of Villarosa to confess of her participation in the bribery in Malacanan, I cannot help but think of her possible reason or motivation... Well, in 8 November 2007 issue of PDI, Ramon Tulfo -- that fiery columnist -- made mention for me and for all Mindorenos the known reason.
Tulfo says the action of Villarosa is really to remove PGMA from the scene of the bribery. Thus, hers was made to exculpate the President. Note Villarosa's emphasis that PGMA knew nothing of the plan to distribute cash gifts (read: bribes).
But for what?
Of course, it is conventionally known that anyone acts on the basis of self-interest. If so, then the action of the Representa-thief is traceable to the fate of her husband who for years already is languishing in jail for his conviction to the murder of the Quintos brothers.
Talks there are in Occidental Mindoro concerning how JTV is enjoying amenities usually beyond the reach of ordinary inmates. For instance, he has his mobile phone. In fact, from time to time, and if he so wishes, he is being interviewed over his FM station in San Jose.
In one occasion, PDI likewise bannered about JTV's walking out of the Muntinlupa on the guise that he was sick. The PDI article however contended that according to the eyewitnesses JTV was not sick, or at least simply feigning to be sicked.
On account of that article, the "graced" inmate's holiday outside of his prison cell was shortened.
Back to Tulfo: There are words that actually linked the axing of the former Bilibid Chief Vinarao to Villarosa's political connections. She was not able to get what she wanted for her husband, and so her way of avenging herself was to throw Vinarao out of Muntinlupa.
But, of course, how can I stop a loving wife for all her good intentions and deeds for her husband?
Actually, as I see it, Villarosa's motivation goes beyond the securing of good treatment for her jailed husband. What ever that means. Its part of my anticipation that Villarosa has been "undergrounding", so to speak, for the pardon of her husband.. Well, JTV is nearing 70 years old.. On account of his age, he might move the heart of the President to set him free.
We have here a very hardworking lady who would do everything for her beloved.. Even to bring herself to shame of national scope and magnitude.
Sana ganyan din siya magtrabaho para sa probinsiya ng Kanlurang Mindoro... Malas lang natin, kabayan..

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