Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To His Damsel in Distress, JTV Comes to the Rescue

After the abuse of the Congresswoman from Occidental Mindoro of everyone's right to commit stupidity (yes, I got this line from a friend through SMS: everyone is given a right to be stupid, which some people tend to abuse) when she in vain tried to cover up the potential -- and actually her only hope being the President of the Strong Republic -- rescuer of her husband from the prospect of spending his life in jail in relation to October 11 bribery, JTV comes to the rescue.
As I monitored in San Jose, the radio station of the Villarosa's is up to defend their boss. Politicians associated with the Representative have been interviewed to explain -- in Girlie's stead -- to the public. The radio station of the Catholic Church, on the other hand, which happens to be more credible than that of Villarosa's, has been trying to bring to people's mind the issue, and belaboring to elaborate for Mindorenos the repercussions of Villarosa's confession as the bag-lady for the bribery to stifle the impeachment bid against the sitting president.
For example, last Saturday, in a radio program hosted by Mr. Polding dela Cruz, a live interview was made to JTV involving the issue. It was after his Damsel in Distress days before went to San Jose and graced a number of occasion (to purportedly explain her side to the people). JTV, of course, was in Muntinlupa. Or was he?
Likewise, for this week, JTV through his FM station explains their side.
While I do not deny to JTV the right (and responsibility) to proceed to the side of his damsel and take up the fight for her, I cannot but be frank to him in telling that in so doing he heaps upon themselves further stupidity.
For until when can they openly defy the requirement of common sense, if not the law, about the non-possession of any inmate of a mobile phone -- let alone the access to media interview on any subject to further their political agenda?
Akala niya siguro natutuwa ang mga tao -- siyempre, maliban sa mga supporters nila at yung mga umaasa sa kanila para mabuhay -- na marinig ang boses ni JTV mula sa kulungan.. By the fact that he's in jail, I do consider him a disgrace to Occidental Mindoro. Sana nga dahan-dahan na lamang siyang maglahong parang bula..
Note the brazen-ness...
This is now the problem. Air has gotten into the head of the political leader(s) of Occidental Mindoro; they now think they are more than the leaders -- but the law personified.

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