Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How's our Representative?

JTV says Didaskalos has a strong sentiment against his wife, the Deputy Speaker of the House. Didaskalos thinks so, too. But he's not without reason.
Consider this: She was elected into Congress in order to represent the people of Occidental Mindoro in the lawmaking body for the Philippine Republic. And, from this viewpoint, one might ask: so, how's she so far?
I would refer you to http://www.congress.gov.ph/members/search.php?congress=14&id=villarosa-ma#. This site is the data bank of the Philippine Congress especially about the authorship or sponsorship of individual solons.
Well, according to the site, Villaroze -- for the 14th Congress -- already has more than 30 house bills under her name. But what is observable are the following: for one, all these house bills have the same label pertaining to their status: PENDING. Secondly, Villarosa is really until to date still has to come up with a bill that's going to be a landmark legislation. Most of hers are too local in scope -- for instance, establishing a school named after a former governor with whom she or her husband share(s) their surname, or appropriating a fund for the concreting of Villarosa Street in Mamburao. Thirdly, most of the bills that Villarosa has filed in the 14th Congress are actually the bills that she herself in the 13th Congress -- Remember, the costliest Congress? -- but were all shelved? And, finally, one suspects that the reason for Villarosa's filing of so many "pagawaing bayan" is pertinent to her CDF -- particularly, since CDF at the present is no longer handed in to the reputable solons in cold cash, but most in the form of projects to be handled by government line agencies like the DepEd or the DPWH.
An unsolicited advice for Madame Girlie: Ma'am, you enjoy your perks from the taxes paid by us as you represent us in Philippine Congress. Puwede po bang seryosohin na lamang ninyo ang paggawa ng batas, at bawasan na ang pagiging alalay ng iyong Pangulo?
Anyway, Ma'am, you've gotten your heart's desire.. You're husband is already OFFICIALLY freed..
Please, ... for the sake of Occidental Mindoro.


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