Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Of Which Side Are You, Sir?

Last Friday, the supporters of the acquitted murderer Jose T. Villarosa enthusiastically welcomed his homecoming to San Jose. There was a parade, where JTV was made to ride on an open rear section of a car, with two -- or more than two, who knows? -- bodyguards; emotional was the throng of the supporters, with some shedding tears upon the sight of their leader and on hearing their leader's speech; a thanksgiving Mass was celebrated on the Cathedral, with no less than the Parish Priest of the Cathedral officiating -- he must be the priest-of-the-day, or his assistant pastors must have their respective schedules; and a press conference was held.
At long last, the "efforts" of the Deputy Speaker of the House cum "alalay" of the President of the Strong Republic paid off. What I heard lately simply confirmed what I was expecting to happen -- that is, that JTV's acquittal was a handiwork of The Palace after Madame Girlie poured out her crocodile tears following the JTV-pronounced lung cancer that afflicts him. (What's unconventional about this sickness -- to state the obvious -- was the absence of any pronouncement from the doctor, or the availability of any medical transcript that the-man-of-the-hour really has this life-threatening illness... Unless JTV, on account of his resolve to make his years behind bars productive, decided to take a course on medicine and passed the medical licensure exam. Who knows?)
But, before we get sidelined from the topic of our post for today, I would like to point out that, during the press conference held in his bailiwick in Bubog, JTV BADMOUTHED the Church and the priests. One might wonder why; to him/her, my answer is well accordingly JTV never sat well with a number of the diocese' clergy. I repeat -- only with some. For definitely among the priests in Mindoro, one is his relative; one or two or three or even more are recipients of his "benevolence;" and one even became his candidate for a provincial post last 2007.
Yes, this posting is about the last priest that I referred to -- him who ran for gubernatorial post. For JTV to badmouth the Church is no surprise to me. I knew him to really have a "foul-smell emitting mouth" -- not that he is badbreath, for he has a fortune to procure for his use drums of Listerine sourced out from the misery of electric consumers in Occ. Mindoro (remember his connection to and the benefits he reaped out of the exclusive contract of OMECO to IPC, which he previously owned?), but that he is simply known to have badmouthing anyone and everyone whose demeanor or attitude or principle he does not like his way of life.
JTV is practically cursing the Church -- and, what I knew is that the employees of the Church-owned DZVT, who were invited to invite the homecoming as a media event, walked-out! But what was a sight to behold was the continued presence of the priest-turned-political-pawn during that part of the press con, as if JTV was proclaiming the Gospel from the ambo!
What has the Church done to you, Sir (pun intended for not addressing you Father), that you publicly betrayed your true color -- that is, that to date you are clearly on the side of your political benefactor and in effect you have turned your back from the faith community leaders who were once your co-ministers and, until now by virtue of your ordination -- if my college religious education is rightly remembered -- are your sacramental brothers????
This is practically the problem with people who have never known principles. They are backbone-less, that they are swayed where the strong wind goes. Now, as in a bamboo, they are tilted towards you (and this gives an impression that they are on your side); by and by, they tilt towards the opposite direction (and profess their loyalty to whoever or whichever side they find themselves in).
Finally, Sir... Of which side are you?

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