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Quintoses File Second Plea in Murder Case


MANILA, Philippines—The family of another Quintos brother is seeking the reversal of the Court of Appeals’ decision acquitting former Mindoro Occidental Rep. Jose Villarosa and three others in the Quintos double murder case.
Earlier, the parents of Michael T. Quintos, Paul’s younger brother, made the same plea.
In a partial motion for reconsideration, Paul’s wife said the appellate court ignored evidence that would have shown the participation of the four in the 1997 murders of the Quintos brothers.
The Quintos family argued the appellate court should not have decided on the case because they were still appealing the Supreme Court ruling that denied their motion to have Justice Noel Tijam inhibit himself from the case.
After eight years of trial, Quezon City Regional Trial Court Judge Ma. Theresa Yadao found Villarosa and his co-accused guilty of double murder and sentenced them to death.
But the appellate court, in a decision penned by Tijam, reversed the murder convictions of Villarosa and farmers Ruben Balaguer, Gelito Bautista and Mario Tobias, but upheld the guilty verdicts on farmers Eduardo Hermoso, Manolito Matricio and Josue Ungsod.
The appellate court ruled Hermoso’s extrajudicial confession implicating all seven accused in the killings was admissible, but it could not be used to convict the former lawmaker and the three others since it was uncorroborated by other evidence.
The brothers were sons of Villarosa’s political rival, former Mindoro Occidental Gov. Ricardo Quintos.
Paul’s heirs said the appellate court focused on Hermoso’s extrajudicial confession made before the National Bureau of Investigation, where he had made another confession, and a judicial one, before the Mamburao Municipal Trial Court.
There was also plenty of evidence to prove the four men’s involvement in the crime, they pointed out.
“Moreover, what is frustrating and clearly erroneous is the ignorance of this Honorable Court of the other evidence of the Appellees showing the conspiracy between the Appellants in the killing of Paul and Michael Quintos,” they said.
Evidence ignored
Among those not considered by the court, they said, was the fact that Hermoso and Matricio were Villarosa’s political followers and illegal occupants of the Quintoses’ Golden Country Farms Inc.
They also insisted that Villarosa was present at the October 1997 meeting of the conspirators to the killing, and that Villarosa had given money to the families of Hermoso, Matricio and Balaguer.
Villarosa had interceded for Matricio when the latter was being arrested during a congressional hearing, they said, while another accused, Orlando Estanes, was employed by Villarosa’s wife.
Paul’s heirs said Estanes had issued a confession that interlocked with Hermoso’s. Since Hermoso’s and Estanes’ confessions corroborated each other, they bolstered the guilt of all seven accused, they said.
But this circumstantial evidence was ignored by the court, they said.
“From the foregoing, the Appellees humbly submit that the acquittal of the Appellant Villarosa and his cohorts was inevitable and that the decision of the Honorable Court is marred with grave abuse of discretion,” they said.


Justicefor said...

This was published on page 8 of the Philippine Daily Inquirer last April 7 and again on Philippine Star last Sunday, April 13.

Power, Politics & Influence

The Untold Truths on the Acquittal

Jose Tapales Villarosa

1. The Government, through the Department of Justice, found probable cause to file two (2) separate Informations against Jose T. Villarosa and his gang for the murder of Paul Quintos and Michael Quintos, sons of former Cong. Ricardo Quintos, the political rival of Villarosa in Occidental Mindoro.

2. After eight (8) years of trial, Hon. Judge Ma. Theresa Yadao of the Regional Trial Court of Quezon City rendered a Decision finding Villarosa and his gang, GUILTY of double murder and imposed upon them the mandatory penalty of DEATH;

3. Jose Tapales Villarosa is the spouse of Congresswoman Girlie Villarosa, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, KAMPI Officer, President GMA’s rapid ally and constant travel companion. The public remembers Congresswoman Villarosa as the same “fall guy” who voluntarily and publicly admitted that KAMPI was the source of the P500K “assistance” to each governor and congressman present in Malacanang last October 11;

4. Jose Tapales Villarosa and his gang appealed the Decision of Judge Yadao to the Court of Appeals. On December 2006, Ex-Congressman and then Solicitor General Antonio Nachura filed a Manifestation recommending the acquittal of Jose Tapales Villarosa. Less than 60 days from the filing of said Manifestation, SolGen Nachura was elevated to the Supreme Court.

5. While supposedly being detained at the National Bilibid Prisons, Jose Tapales Villarosa enjoyed special privileges such as numerous “hospital leaves” without the prior consent of or knowledge of the Court of Appeals.

6. Jose Tapales Villarosa’s appeal was assigned to Justice Tijam of the 5th Division of the Court of Appeals, for study and report. As there were very disturbing reports on the partiality of Justice Tijam in favor of Jose Tapales Villarosa, a Motion to Inhibit Justice Tijam was filed by the Quintos family. A motion to suspend proceedings was also filed by the Quintos family.

7. The acquittal was handed out even though there were two (2) separate pending incidents, namely the Motion for Inhibition before the Supreme Court and the Motion to Suspend Proceedings before the 5th Division;

8. Justice Tijam and the 5th Division reasoned that while conspiracy existed and that gunmen and look-outs played out their respective roles and therefore deserved to be convicted, THERE WAS NO MASTERMIND. More importantly, while the confession of the gunman was entitled to full credence and was sufficient to uphold his conviction and those of his co-conspirators, insofar as powerful Villarosa was concerned, said confession cannot be used;

9. Justice Tijam and the 5th Division plainly disregarded the conspiratorial facts such as the established linkage between Villarosa and the gunmen before, during and after the murders, and that Villarosa gave financial assistance to the gunmen as proven by encahsed checks that were presented in evidence;

10. Justice Tijam and the 5th Division completely disregarded the testimony of Co. Winston Ebersole recounting how four (4) months prior to the murders, he attempted to arrest one of the gunmen on a robbery charge, only to be prevented by Villarosa. This gunman eventually disappeared only to be seen again on the night of December 13, 1997 repeatedly shooting Michael Quintos until his gun ran out of bullets. (A few weeks after his damaging testimony against Villarosa , Col. Ebersole was murdered.)

11. Justice Tijam and the 5th Division completely ignored and disregarded the confession of the one of the look-outs who disappeared from Mindoro right after the murders, only to be arrested in 2002 working as a security guard for an agency where Congresswoman Girlie Villarosa had been a long-time officer. Moreover, while in NBI custody by virtue of an outstanding warrant of arrest, Congresswoman Villarosa and her lawyer rushed to the NBI and tried to have the self-confessed look-out released to their custody, but this was aborted due to the timely arrival and vigorous protest of former Congressman Quintos.

12. Meanwhile, Malacanang in rather bad taste, considering the sensitiveness of the issue, immediately congratulated Congresswoman Villarosa on her “early Easter gift”. The acquittal apparently did wonders for Villarosa’s health, since he had been confined at the Makati Medical Center for months recuperating from “major lung surgery”: He walked out of the hospital smiling the afternoon the CA decision was handed down;

13. Under the Administration, the perception grown that there are two types of justice in this country, one for the rich and well connected, another for the hoi polloi. Those in the first category are granted bail for murder, never serve time in prison for corruption, and see their convictions for double murder overturned by the Court of Appeals. To the second category belong those who rot in prison for picking pockets to feed their family (Editorial, Philippine Star March 31, 2007).

14. Congressman Jose T. Villarosa is more equal than others. Established rules and jurisprudence may be twisted to suit his needs. Power, Politics and Influence have once again reared their ugly heads;

To the Quintos family, we sympathize and share your pain in the senseless loss of Paul and Michael.

To our dear friends Paul and Michael Quintos, we will continue to pray and soldier on for you. DIVINE JUSTICE will be yours.


Concerned Citizens of Occidental Mindoro , Friends and Fraternity Brothers, Class of 1983 and 1988, Xavier School , University of the Asia & Pacific (Pioneer Batch) 1993

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