Friday, August 10, 2007

An Experience of Generation Gap

Last week, in the municipal plaza of San Jose, there was a promotional activity by Tanduay. To promote the products of Tanduay were two of the Viva Hot Babes and the Six Cycle Mind -- the former being a known rock band.
The day of the show was raining. It of course helped when between 8pm to 12mn the rain stopped -- as if the heavens were sanctioning the show.
The attendance was unexpected in number. The Tanduay people placed their estimate at more or less 30,ooo attendees. And most of those who were around were young people. All through out the show, I was asking myself: pag isyung panlipunan, nasaan ang mga kabataang ito?
And in here was my experience of generation gap. Especially when the band began performing, I seemed to be placed before an unfamiliar crowd. At the promptings of the vocalist of the band, the young people would jump, wave their hands, and join the band in almost all of their songs.
Truth is, when I learned of the band who's coming over, I did not have the interest to go and watch them. Hindi ko sila kilala. Of course, that was the first indication that I am not young anymore.
Yes, it was an experience of generation gap. To my mind, a question is equally forcefully registered: paano kaya maibaling ang potential ng sektor ng kabataan para sa pagsikhay para sa ikabubuti ng bayan?
I bet, the potency of the young is too much to ignore.

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