Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Fate of the Deceitfully Ambitious Priest

Almost three months after the elections of 2007, what has happened to the priest who aspired to become provincial governor of Occidental Mindoro?
I heard his suspension is still in effect. For how long? I do not know. Certainly the Catholic Church against which he committed treason has its own set of laws -- the Code of Canon Law, that animal which is known only to its ordained ministers and those who reached formal theological studies. Actually, this is one issue that keeps on bothering me. For sure, Omanio studied not only his theology but also his Canon Law. And yet until now he's sturdy in his belief that he does not violate any law of his Church. Which his authorities in the AVSJ -- which I suppose have been doing their homework by consulting competent canon lawyer(s) -- claim otherwise. Noticeably, however, the powers-that-be of the local Church have at their fingertips the canonical items that Omanio violated. I wonder on what canonical provisions will Omanio base his claim. Can he be scholarly enough to debate his authorities?
The support, too, of a handful of people from Sta. Cruz, Occ. Mindoro -- from his parish, which he deserted -- is still strong. But, to my observation, they are "led by a fellow blind". I wonder how well they appreciate the entire situation. Which I suppose should begin by questioning: who really is this priest? What really are his intentions? To where shall he lead us, after he deserted his previous commitment as an ordained minister of his Church and now that he's known as already beholden to a discredited politician?
Well, whoever began the art of brainwashing, Omanio perfected this craft...
At least, he's three year-sustenance is assured. Words are going around that he's driver is boasting that they are payrolled in Congress. Of course, it's from the office of the Rep. Villarosa. For any thinking tax-payer, a moral issue it is. From the coffer of the government, salaries are paid for the services that are given primarily to the Villarosa's. Pagnanakaw ito sa kaban ng bayan, di po ba?
By the way, he's acting as station manager of the radio owned by the Villarosa's.
May I ask a candid question addressed to the authorities of the Church? Fathers, where do you think did you fail in your work of forming your ordained ministers that you have this kind of a priest?

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