Thursday, August 16, 2007

When One's Action is Divorced From What One Says

Writers would call it integrity, when what one says corresponds to what one does. Or when one does what one says. In a more technical term, it's about the connection between orthodoxy and ortho-praxis; or in a simpler category, it's between word and action.
Consider this, in Monday's session on STL by the provincial board members held in San Jose, the Hon. Romulo Festin, who was visibly playing with the gallery audience by speaking out his mind on the repugnance of STL to his sense of ethics, was equally manifestly taken aback when the STL capitalist by the name of Mr. Rolly Diaz divulged that the truth is an ambulance is already on its way to San Jose courtesy of PCSO. I just have to confirm still if the acquisition of the ambulance is in any way connected to STL proceeds.
This show of lack of integrity by our political leaders was also evident when we were confronting the issue of mining in Occidental Mindoro. The fact is, I for one would appreciate more a politician if he/she honestly states his/her position, like when he/she is keeping an open mind on the possibility of Mindoro being mined. Saddening it is when one promises to join a clamor of a sector, only because he/she does not have the will to show off where he/she really stands on the issue.

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