Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Remember Elizabeth Albacino

Month of August is the month of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It's about the Catholic belief that because Our Lady is (or was) not corrupted in any way, she got her reward. She was assumed into the heavens to take her place in the Kingdom of God together with her Son -- body and soul.
Further, Catholic belief assures us -- makes us hope -- that the reward of the Blessed Virgin Mary is going to happen to all the believing Christians. By believing, I mean all that it takes to belief. Which is far more than an intellectual assent, or an emotional acceptance of what the religion teaches.
Anyway, ...
With this as a backdrop, there is a reason to be saddened by a very clear negation of what the Assumption is all about. Years ago, a certain Elizabeth Albacino -- a lass from Central, San Jose -- was raped and murdered by inmates who were brought out from the Provincial Jail in Magbay, San Jose to work in the ricefields of a prison guard by the name of Mr. Maderaso (see older post related to this practise). She was on her way home from the school. She was in the secondary school when she was robbed of her purity and life.
Yes, years have passed. The legal battle still continues.
I can only hope that the presiding judge who hears the case, as an offshot of the consultation that he called for -- what he says as -- the betterment of judicial system in Occidental Mindoro, would expedite the coming of the judgement for the suspects in this crime.
Let us pray for the repose of the soul of Elizabeth...

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