Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Changing of Guards in Magsaysay

Days ago, a rather not-altogether expected transpiration took place in the idyllic town of Magsaysay. Mayor Cesar Tria, Jr was unseated in favor of the already "two-timer" (read my lips, as Clinton said) Mayor Marleo Barrera. The latter lost in the elections of May 2007, but -- with a rather legally bizzare manner -- won the seat via a court decision.
I am in contact with another fellow from Magsaysay who's now based in the US of A, and it was him who confirmed or validated my hunch...
What made Barrera snatched the seat from Tria is... Girlie Villarosa!
Well, the issue is significant to me. As in the past elections, the Catholic Church in Occidental Mindoro mobilized its entire resources in order to fulfill its socio-political apostolate that is to ensure a clean, orderly and peaceful election. Now, it is precisely this that baffles me. As per the count of the NAMFREL/PPC-RV, it was actually Tria who won! The thing is, the election sheets that served as the basis for the parallel count done by the Catholic Church ought to be the electiosn sheets that were based upon by the court.
Are we talking here of confusion of basic mathematical operation, presuming that indeed one and only one election sheets were used?
I supposed otherwise... that is, that the election documents that were presented in and used by the court were distinct.
Nonetheless, a consideration of another factor may be made in here -- that which is called HUMAN FACTOR.
Human factor may mean a lot of things... For one, it means Villarosa Factor.
Disgusting... It is our top politicians who decide for whoever is going to govern us...

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