Friday, January 25, 2008

Post Script to The Changing of Guards in Magsaysay..

There was a rather "confirming", in the sense of validating, observation that many of the people who were in Magsaysay witnessed when the legal-winner Barrera took the mayoralty seat from the election-winner Tria. It was the presence of the priest-defeated-gobernatorial-candidate Omanio serving as aide-de-camp of Barrera.
Talk of a continuing negation of all his brouhaha during the campaign period, it was it!
Of couse, he began accordingly as an independent candidate -- who was simply adapted or adopted by the Villarosa party. Their partnership was not only evident in the campaign paraphernalia that they jointly had; it even extended up to the life-after-elections of Omanio, when he served to manage his lord's radio station, nay propaganda mechanism.
In a way, the presence of Omanio beside Barrera is politically explainable. Marunong lang siguro talagang tumanaw ng utang na loob ang pari (of course, he technically remains a priest). Yan ay kung hindi siya inutusan ng kaniyang panginoon para samahan sa isang napakahalagang pagkakataon ang isang kapanalig sa pulitika, o kasama sa partido.
Nonetheless, Didaskalos for one finds such a scenario morally distressing. At the surface level, it testifies to the continuing actions of the priest to sow division. As I said he remains technically a priest (on account of the indelible mark that ordination effects).
I understand he has expressed his intention to get back into the priestly ministry -- from which he's been suspended.
Thus, one wonders how this transpiration is received by the hierarchy of the AVSJ.
For Didaskalos, the black-and-white scenario is: for Omanio to make up his mind once and for all -- to get back into his ministry (and seriously mean so), or to totally serve the political interest of his current lord and master..

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