Saturday, January 12, 2008

Let us compare... (Kuryente uli!)

It was in November of the previous year when I posted my last post in this blog. The succeeding month of December -- being the last month of the year, i.e., the time when office reports are to be drafted and sent to appropriate authorities -- practically prevented me from keying in some thoughts in this blog.
This time, when I have more time to ponder things over -- and when I am enjoying a little distance from Mindoro -- I cannot but draw a number of comparison and contrast between the province where I am from and the locales I am privileged to see and live in even temporarily.
To the readers of this blog, may I say that in Singapore, an island state which if not for its ports initially was thought to be a place that is not capable of development, a rather interesting plan concerning the household and even industrial use of electricity is being proposed.
In the Philippines, we know of the "tingi" system -- which has been employed even in securing our pre-paid load for mobile phones. Load is secured by card -- in the amount of 300 or 500 pesos (depending on the network provider).
In Singapore, the availment of electricity is proposed to be made akin to "by-card" system. That is, households and even industries can procure electricity "by-card", too. Say, one can go to the store and secure a pre-paid power-card, bring it home and he/she has a supply of electricity for specified period of time...
Hearing this proposal over the broadcast, I cannot but think of our beloved OMECO.
The proposal concerned is to a certain extent not primarily about an out of this world technology. It is born out of, I suppose, a strong desire to innovate -- all for the convenience of and better service to the consumers.

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