Sunday, January 20, 2008

Done in the still-ness of the night...

There is a rather significant development concerning the supply of electricity in Occidental Mindoro that was realized before the 2007 closed, and which unfortunately was never made public. No, this is not about OMECO -- the fate of which is very bleak insofar as the present administrator clings to his seat and enjoys all the perks made available to him (thanks hugely to complacent electric consumers!).
This is about the alleged sale of the IPC to a what is said to be a foreign personality.
IPC, or Island Power Corp., previously owned by a corporation comprised of the Villarosa's and their business associates, is into a contract with OMECO for exclusive supply of electricity for 25 long years! The power producing corporation, despite its failure to supply the stipulated volume of electricity as per the contract, was recipient -- at least in last year's statistical and financial reports of OMECO -- of millions of pesos as this is provided for in the said contract.
So, if IPC was already sold, what's the heck?
I am raising this point precisely because it is never known to me if together with the sale of the plant and machineries the contract with OMECO is (was) also sold? For, if so, then what can be anticipated as eventualities can be too important to ignore.
While I knew that IPC is a private corporation, I understand that for such a public utility any major corporate decision -- such as the alienation of its major assets -- must be made known to all its consumers.
Unless one argues that Villarosa's are more politician than businessman...


boyong said...

IPC is obviously incompetent in supplying the electricity that are needed in occ mdo, pinag kakitaan kasi 'yong proyekto no'ng ginawa..., why then omeco can't do anything about it are they afraid of someone (they should be... or else... r.i.p./ when we gonna have a sufficient supply of electricity? are we gonna be always dreaming of having a good service of this thing forever?... men what a headache.... too much question then...


in a way, boyong, talaga namang pagkakakitaan ang IPC. kasi sa simula pa, business venture talaga ng mga Villarosa yan. kaya dapat lamang na kumita sila. sila ang nag-invest, e. natural, they would make their money work for them.
ang puntos lamang ay ito: sina Villarosa ay cold-blooded na politicians. ang ibig kong sabihin, sa kanilang mga sinasabi sa kanilang mga talumpati, sila ay para sa serbisyo. dahil dito, ano ang puwede nating asahan sana?
inaasahan ko -- at sa aking palagay, ng lahat ng mga Mindorenos -- na di naman sana pera-pera lang lalo na't sa ang kanilang commodity ay napaka-basic.
ulitin ko, hindi ko inaalis na kumita sila -- pero sana iniisip nila ang serbisyong kanilang ibinibigay sa buong probinsiya.
kung babasahin mo ang mga write ups dito sa blog na ito tungkol sa kuryente, mababasa mo ang tungkol sa contract ng exclusive supply ng kuryente na pinirmahan ng OMECO at ng IPC. at mababasa mo rin na simula noong 2006 (yan ang pinaka-unang mga documents na nakuha mula sa pinagtataguang aparador ng OMECO -- obviously, ayaw nilang makita ng marami ito at tunay namang nakakahiya!!!! -- kahit di nakakapag-supply ng kuryente ang IPC, nakakakuha ito ng milyong piso. at iyan ay salamat sa kontratang hanggang ngayon ay epektibo.
it pays to be a politician... and at the same times a businessman.