Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thanks to Free Media!

Today, we read about Girlie Villarosa's clarification about the PDI report that her husband -- the convicted murderer JTV -- is not actuallymissing. Notwithstanding the cries of the Madam Deputy Speaker (with all the pun intended), I am reminded of the role that the national media played in relation to the Jalosjos release case.
Specifically, what was media's role?
It consisted in their effort to bring to the open the entire brouhaha.. Nobody knew that Jalosjos was already released. In fact, if we are to believe the Secretary of Justice, he himself was not aware that his former colleague in the House of Representatives was already released.
Thanks to the media, we were informed. And thanks to the media, a concerted outcry was made manifest. Which eventually accounted for the metanoia of the prison officials..
We still do not know how PDI would respond to Villarosa's denial that her husband is missing. Baka nga naman nagkamali ang PDI. On such account, PDI will definitely be professional to publish an erratum and seek an apology from the Villarosa's.
But, it would take a resident of Occidental Mindoro to dismiss -- if not altogether -- Villarosa's rebuttal of PDI's report. Why, and on what ground? Well, the lady solon has proven herself that she's very very capable of lying. Remember how she had to tell lies just to distance the president of the strong republic from the bribery issue last year?
Needless to say, between Villarosa and the PDI, I would subscribe to the latter.
If indeed the convict is really illed with lung cancer, I realize the veracity of a conventional pinoy wisdom that goes: ano/sino ka man (i.e., you may be convict or a free man, a rich or a pauper, an ordinary citizen or a government official, truthful or a duper) darating din ang panahon na haharap ka sa iyong "limit-situation"...

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