Monday, July 23, 2007

Ang Dakilang Konsorte..

Yesterday, the President (and not-the-President for some) of the Republic of the Philippines delivered her State of the Nation Address. The speech is traditionally given at the opening of the Congress. For this posting, I will not delve on scrutiny of the contents of the SONA, on the scandalous manner by which Jose de Venecia won his unprecedented fifth term as Speaker of the House, and/or equally "politicized" election of Manuel Villar as President of the Senate.
The President, on her way to the hall of the Congress, was flanked by two lady-solons. On her left is the fiery Senator Miriam Santiago; and on her right -- wearing a gown of the same color with the President's -- is the Representative of Occidental Mindoro.
It isn't strange, actually, having seen similar photo ops of the President with our Representative. Rep. Villarosa made herself "famous" as she travels around the world with the President. She stands -- among with other congressmen/women -- quite very frequently behind or beside the President as a bill is signed into law for instance.
One thing is sure, though. From all of this, Occidental Mindoro which she happens to represent in the Congress does not benefit. Has she gotten projects for the province, or investments from foreign capitalists out of her globetrotting?
Pang-konsorte lang talaga...

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