Sunday, July 29, 2007

Explanatory Note (Relative to City-hood of San Jose)

The following is the Explanatory Note for the Proposed Municipal Resolution/Petition by Hon. Emiliano R. Villanada dated July 10, 2007, "Requesting The Congress of the Republic of the Philippines for the Enactment into Law the Creation Of The Municipality of San Jose, Province of Occidental Mindoro as A New Component City."

There had been in the past an initiative for the creation of the Municipality of San Jose of this province as a city. The fact is that, Resolution No. 0023, s. 2001 was already passed by the municipal council for this purpose and objective. However, for some reasons, the said resolution had not been pursued forward for its realization. One of the reasons, maybe, is that contents of the resolution need to be updated along the line of the present socio-economic situation of our municipality (income and population of the municipality).
Motivating factors that encourage this presentation to sponsor, and be one among those taking the initiative of making the Municipality of San Jose to become a city, is that several sectors now in our society are clamoring for these developmental change -- the change from the municipal way of administration to a city governance.
While the province of Oriental Mindoro has a Calapan City to boast, Occidental Mindoro still wants to have one. It is also interesting to note, that the municipality of Sablayan was seriously working to make their municipality to become a city. Once the Municipality of Sablayan is enacted by the Congress as a city, then San Jose has to wait for a hundred years to be proclaimed or enacted as such! A delay caused primarily will be attributed to local legislative inaction! Pray, it may not be allowed to happen by this honorable august body.
It is also the honest and sincere belief of this presentation that San Jose is now qualified to become a city, since it had already established its capability in compliance with the requisites for a component city, having an annual income of P116,803,109.26 for the year 2006; with a total land area of 446.7 square kilometer; and with a projected population of 121,936 for the year 2005; and will be more than 150,000 projected by the year 2010 (The municipality of Sablayan has a projected population of only 72,099 for the year 2005!). these requisites are for cityhood provided in RA 7160 or the Local Government Code of 1991.
The conversion of the municipality of San Jose as a component city will promote socio-economic development and effective management of its component barangays and are beneficial to the general interest and welfare of the public.
City government power will be enjoyed such as: police power, eminent domain, and taxation. It can exercise effectively and efficiently its corporate powers. Unique with the taxing and revenue raising powers of cities is that all the collected revenue shall exclusively for the benefit of the city. The city however shall abide and be guided with the fundamental principles of taxation.
There are many advantages and opportunities for development and beneficial to our constituency, if San Jose will be made and become a city. Numerous, to be enumerated in this Explanatory Note.
Praying that this Resolution for the cityhood of San Jose will be given consideration for deliberation and approval by this honorable august body.

(Signed: Hon. Emiliano R. Villanada)

(Mga kababayan, ito ang kaisipan ng ating Konsehal sa kaniyang pagsusulong ng pagka-siyudad ng San Jose.)


gerson said...

you rock!!!you save my day!!actually i've already been to municipal office of sanjose to look for related articles or whatsoever about the proposal of changing sanjose into cityhood! we will be having a debate regarding the latter. thanks for your write ups.. I will be using it for weighing the cons and pros.. thanks again and dont worry the credit is still yours!!keep up the good work! I realy appreciate your work!.


thanks, gerson.
my pleasure to be of service to you. actually, am doing this task of blogging to reach people who are technologically connected, as a form of my desire and intent to conscienticize.
my humble contribution to education of our people.