Monday, July 23, 2007

Service, for a fee... Anyone?

I stumbled across an article of PDI, 23 July 2007, about the estimated P3oo million that was required by the attendance of congressmen/women for the quorum to be had for the deliberations (and approval) of the ten bills submitted by Malacanang to the 13th congress. It's said that P250,000.00 was for individual solons just to assure their attendance to the House.
How's that? Actually, it's nothing new. It's a high-profile wrongdoing -- I would say -- that is anyway done down to the level of the Barangay. It is no different when I got my driver's license that I really cannot pass the exams I took twice, I was offered to pay extra to have my license to drive. Or when I happened to be in another government agency to ask for a certification -- a task which I suppose they are paid to do -- they asked for a pang-merienda. Or when I was to ask for a barangay certification the issuing clerk collected a fee presumably for the service that was rendered to me.
Yes, a high-profile wrongdoing... that is being done and practised also by those in lower ladder of government service..
Ano ba ang tamang lohika dito -- ginagawa ng mga nasa itaas, kaya ginagawa rin ng mga nasa ibaba? O nakamulatan nang ginagawa ng mga nasa ibaba, kaya sa pag-akyat sa pamumulitika dinala na rin sa itaas?

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