Monday, July 16, 2007

The Election Cheating that was (3)

Here is a posting of the substance of Affidavit of Mr. Gaspar Bandoy, a BEI member who was with Mr. de Jesus in Precinct 3-A of Poblacion 2, Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro.


The Affidavit was executed on May 15, 2007 and notarized on May 16, 2007.

The affiant is Mr. Gaspar Bustillo Bandoy of Barangay 3, Poblacion, Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro.

Mr. Gaspar Bandoy was the duly designated poll watcher of Mayor Joel Panaligan stationed at Precinct 3-A, Poblacion 2, Mamburao, Occ. Mindoro.

As a watcher, he positioned himself at the back of Mr. Romulo de Jesus, the BEI chair.

Around 9pm of May 14, 2007, while the counting of the last bundle of fifty ballots was about to begin, Mr. Bandoy saw Mr. de Jesus opened the drawer in the table where he was reading the votes and took a bundle of folded ballots therein.

As Mr. de Jesus opened the drawer, Mr. Bandoy saw another bundle of folded ballots hidden inside the said drawer aside from the aforementioned bundle of ballots.

Immediately, Mr. Bandoy requested Mr. de Jesus to stop the counting and said: "Teka muna buksan natin ang drawer dahil mayroon pang naka-bundle sa loob e, huling bundle na dapat itong hawak mo. Bakit mayroon pa sa loob"?

Mr. de Jesus refused to open the drawer and ordered (Mr. Bandoy) to get out of the room.

Mr. Bandoy went out of the room and directly to Mr. Panaligan to report the incident.

Mr. Bandoy went back to Precinct 3-A to resume his duty as poll watcher.

After the counting of the ballots, Mr. Bandoy saw Mr. Randole Bool who was at that time in Precinct 3-A and told him: "Bro, tingnan mo nga ang pangyayari dito at may dayaan."

Subsequently, Mr. de Jesus took the bundles of ballots inside the drawer and placed it in a brown envelope and placed it inside his bag which was placed under his table.

Mr. Bandoy is charging Mr. de Jesus for violation of Article 261 (z) 14 of the Omnibus Election Code.


For videos of Mr. de Jesus, you may see In this site, one will also find the police report on the transpiration, the search warrant that was issued for Mr de Jesus to surrender his bag to the police, and some other documents.

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