Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Folly that is STL (4)

I am printing in this post Resolution No. 67, s. 2007, sponsored by Hon. Randolph Ignacio "Urging the PCSO through its Board of Directors to Implement the Request of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Under Resolution No. 48, s. 2006 on the Suspension of the Operation of STL in Occidental Mindoro".

Whereas, the SP forwarded to the Hon. Sergio Valencia, through the Chairman, PCSO, Resolution No. 48, s. 2006, requesting for the temporary suspension of the operations of the STL in the province of Occ. Mindoro;
Wjereas, said Resolution No. 48, s. 2006 was mailed to the Hon. Romualdo Quinones, Special Project Department, PCSO, under Registry Receipt No. 1020 dated June 22, 2006 and duly acknowledged by the PCSO through its return card on June 29, 2006;
Whereas, in giving accord to the favorable recommendation of this august body for the granting of franchise to STL under Resolution No. 163, s. 2005 dated September 26, 2005 on the belief that the STL operation shall redound to the best interest of our people, as early as May 2006 this body has been receiving adverse reactions from various civic and religious organizations, people's groups and sectoral federations that the SP had to pass Resolution No. 48, s. 2006 to temporarily suspend STL operations in this province;
Whereas, the matter on the continued operationof the STL has unjustly dragged the good name and reputation of the SP to this controversial issue inspite of the strong appeal of this august body for its suspension on the grounds of morality, legal impediments and technicalities, loopholes in the system of sharing between the franchise holder with the province and defective agreement on remittances to the disadvantage of this local government coffers and our constituents;
Whereas, on matter of technicalities, RVRC in their letter for reconsideration for the suspension of operation of STL dated June 13, 2006, declared that the operation of the STL in ur province is merely a test-run for one year, and that after the one year period, the august body and the PCSO may now assess whether or not the operation of STL is beneficial or damaging to the communities in pilot areas. Therefore, on this issue of assessment, after the one year period has elapsed, and on the basis of general clamor of the constituents, this body hereby makes and openly manifests the same stand under our Resolution No. 48, s. 2006 on the immediate suspension of STL operation in this province;
Whereas, on the matter of morality, the operation of STL has been found to be no different from jueteng in the simple sense that most bettors come from the "isang kahig, isang tuka" group that still dominates our society who are easy prey that are lured to bet their last centavo futher, during their trial period of one year, there had been no significant improvment on the lifestyle of this sector that could be attributed to the STL operations;
Whereas, on matters of defective agreement that resulted in unfair and (not) equitable sharing in proceeds by the failure of the franchise holder to present the complete receipts or statements that would show actual income from daily bets, the local government is believed to have incurred tremendous losses during this year of STL operations in this province;
Whereas, having been deprived of the much anticipated recognition from the PCSO-CSO in a period of one year regarding our people's strong manifestation on the STL suspension in our province through our Resolution No. 48, s. 2006 this august body again respectfully seeks any course of action taken by the PCSO on this issue since their receipt of the request up to this time or respectfully consider now disenfranchising STL operations in this province;
Whereas this august body further respectfully requests the PCSO, Board of Director to direct the STL franchise holder, the RVRC to appear before and answer to the SP on the maters of concern as stipulated under our Resolution No. 48, s. 2006 dated May 22, 2006...

This resolution is a product of the board members who were elected in May 2007. Those who signed in favor of the resolution were: Hon. Randolph Ignacio, Hon. Antonio Rebong, Hon. Arnold Abeleda, Hon. Robert Dawates, Hon. Ernesto Pablo, Hon. Roderick Agas, Hon. Gaudencio Espiritu, Hon. Marian Haydee Villarosa, and Hon. Ma. Antonietta Villarosa.
Those who voted for continued operations of STL in the province , hence agains this resolution were: Hon. Rocky Legaspi (PCL), Hon. Inocencio Fabular and Hon. Nathaniel Cruz. Hon. Manuel Mintu, who was expectedly to vote for STL, was absent.

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