Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Folly that is STL (2)

As documents become available, we can make handy some reliable information related to the Small Town Lottery in San Jose. This is a sequel to the article, The Folly that is STL, earlier posted in this blog.
This time, it might interest every one to know about Provincial Council Resolution No. 48, s. 2006. This Resolution was prompted by advocacy work spearheaded by the Catholic Church. At least, in this occasion, the politicians heeded the voice of the Church calling for observance of morality.
Resolution No. 48 was approved on May 22, 2006 at the Sangguniang Bayan Session Hall, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.

Resolution No. 48, s. 2006
WHEREAS, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan... passed Resolution No. 163, s. 2005 for the granting of franchise to operate STL in the province of Occidental Mindoro through an experimental basis, the objectives of which are to discover additional sources of charity funds, to generate funds for charitable undertaking, economic development and social amelioration activities, to combat jueteng and other illegal number games and to find alternative sources of income for those who might be economically dislocated by the eradication of jueteng;
WHEREAS, after several weeks of initial and experimental implementation, the STL has gained negative critiques and rejection from among the different sectors of society within the province, siring disquiet and utterances against this august body for passing Resolution No. 163;
WHEREAS, during this session, members of this body thoroughly deliberated on issues concerning the STL and the following matters were brought up:
  1. There is no proper monitoring system to establish the exact and correct amount of the bets being collected from day to day in every participating municipality;
  2. Winning bettors have no guarantee as to whether or not they will receive the prize as there are no claim tickets or receipts being issued;
  3. There is no control as to the genuineness of the papers being used for the lottery;
  4. There is no defined contract between the PCSO--Provincial/Municipal Government-- Agent Corporation binding the three entitites on the terms and conditions of the sharing and remittance scheme;
  5. Allegedly, winning bettors were paid only P600.00 per P1.00 bet, which is P200.00 lower than the specified amount of P800.00 for every bet of P1.00 as stipulated under the prescribed rules and regulations;
  6. On moral grounds, the above conditions created negative impressions leading to contradictions from among the different sectors of society.

Now, therefore, on motion to temporarily suspend the operation of the STL in Occ. Mindoro by the Hon. Arnold Abeleda, duly seconded by Hon. Ma. Antonietta Villarosa and Hon. Randolph Ignacio, and on the basis of the division of the house conducted wherein (four voted in favor of this Resolution -- Hon. Arnold Abeleda, Hon. Fe Abeleda-Legaspi, Hon. Randolph Ignacio, and Hon. Ma. Antonietta Villarosa) as against four members who voted no to the motion (Hon. Rocky Legaspi, Hon. Vicente Camandang, Hon. Nathaniel Cruz, and Hon. Inocencio Fabular), with one -- Hon. Ulysses P. Javier -- who abstained, and which said tie was broken by the acting Vice Governor and Presiding Officer Rey C. Ladaga who voted in favor of the motion to temporarily suspend STL in the province....

What has happened after the Resolution No. 48, s. 2006?

STL, up to now, still operates... Very effective move by our legislative body, huh...

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