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The Folly that is STL (3)

After Resolution No. 48, s. 2006, a letter for Reconsideration for the Suspension of Operation of STL dated June 13, 2006 was submitted by the Royal Viva Research, signed by Mr. Nelson C. Siquioco and Rolly Diaz, to the Vice Governor and Presiding Officer of Provincial Council of Occ. Mindoro.
I am reprinting in here the arguments of the capitalist-operator of STL in Occ. Mindoro.

Dear Vice-Governor Mendiola,
Our warmest greetings!
The undersigned are the representatives of Royal Viva Research Corporation, a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of the Philippines. We are also the "bonded authorized corporation" granted authority by the PCSO to test-run Small Town Lottery (STL) in our province, by which recently, the august body wants to suspend our operation of the said number game.
In this regard, may we respectfully move for the reconsideration of the decision of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Occidental Mindoro in suspending the operation of the STL on the following grounds, to wit:
  1. STL has contributed significantly to the income of the local government units in our province;
  2. STL generated jobs;
  3. The august body itself initiated the operation of the STL in our province;
  4. The operation is merely a test-run.

In the first two months of the test-run of STL in our province, Royal Viva Research Corporation has remitted a total of ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED FIFTY EIGHT THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED FORTY SEVEN 12/100 PESOS (P1,558,647.12) to the province of Occidental Mindoro. The following shows the breakdown of remittances of RVRC to the different local government units in our province (for the months of April and May, 2006):

  1. Calintaan -- April: 22,919.31; May: 53,405.52; Total: 76,324.83
  2. Magsaysay -- April: 79,684.47; May: 117,610.00; Total: 197,294.47
  3. Mamburao -- April: 23,920.65; May: 52,822.84; Total: 76,743.49
  4. Rizal -- April: 15,248.07; May: 33,444.18; Total: 48,692.25
  5. Sablayan -- April: 54,408.88; May: 98,105.00; Total: 152,513.88
  6. San Jose -- April: 116,459.28; May: 256,068.72; Total: 372,528.00
  7. Sta. Cruz -- April: 20,402.21; May: 61,459.74; Total: 81,861.95
  8. Province of Occ. Mindoro -- April: 178,533.14; May: 374,155.11; Total: 552,688.25

For the month of April, the RVRC remittances amounted to P511,576.01; for the month of May, P1,047,071.11. Thus, for the months of April and May, 2006 the total remittance is in the amount of P1,558,647.12.

Notice the almost 50% increase in our remittances during the month of May. It is expected that the remittances will still increase: we believe it has not yet reached its highest level.

In that very short period, the STL has generated substantial funds that could finance development projects, local charitable undertakings and social amelioration activities of our local government units.

Especially during this rainy season, we are expecting several typhoons to hit the province. Through our local government units, these funds could definitely help ameliorate those who will be greatly affected by these typhoons.

In that short period of two months, the STL has provided jobs to more than ONE THOUSAND residents of Occ. Mindoro. We have four hundred sales agents, five hundred sub-agents, and one hundred ten employees to operate the test run.

By virtue of Resolution No. 63, s. 2005 issued by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan... it was resolved... to request the Hon. Sergio Osmena Valencia, Chairman of the PCSO to grant a franchise to operate STL in our province of Occidental Mindoro.

From this Resolution, the RVRC seek authority from PCSO to conduct actual test run for a small town lottery project in Occidental Mindoro, which was granted on March 27, 2006 (conformably to RA No. 1169, as amended by Batas Pambansa Blg. 42, and PD No. 1157 and PCSO Board Resolution No. 118, s. 1987.)

STL in itself is among the fund raising activities of PCSO to finance health programs, medical assistance and services, and charities of national character of our government.

In line with the mandate of the PCSO, the objectives of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan... in allowing the PCSO-STL is very laudable, quoting from Resolution No. 163:

  1. To discover additional sources of charity funds;
  2. To generate at the provincial and municipal level, funds for local charitable undertaking, economic development, and social amelioration activities;
  3. To combat jueteng and other illegal number games;
  4. To find alternative sources of income for those who might be economically dislocated by the eradication of jueteng and illegal number games through the absorption of their dependents into the PCSO--STL.

We strongly believe that, with the STL, these objectives of the SP can be attained.

The operation of the STL in our province is merely a test-run for one year.

With all due respect we believe that the august body has yet no basis in suspending the operation of STL.

After the one-year period, the august body and the PCSO may now assess whether or not the operation of STL is beneficial or damaging to the communities in the pilot areas. This can serve as a guide in the decision of the august body on whether to continue the operation of STL in our province or not.

Despite being a test run however RVRC has to shell out a substantial amount to start and sustain the operations of STL.

Aside from the expenses in concluding the contract with the PCSO to conduct the test run in Occ Mindoro, RVRC has to post a ten million pesos (P10,000,000.00) cash bond to the PCSO (which it did on March 27, 2006).

Notwithstanding these expenses, however, the RVRC, in order to help the province of Occ. Mindoro, went ahead and sealed the contract with the PCSO to conduct the test run in our province.

Wherefore, in the interest of the province of Occ. Mindoro and its inhabitants, so that we may be able to finance development projects and undertake local charitable undertakings and social amelioration activities, we are most respectfully praying before the august body to reconsider and vacate its decision suspending the operation of the STL in our province.

San Jose, Occ. Mindoro, June 13, 2006

signed: Nelson C. Siquioco and Rolly Diaz


Is this the reason why Resolution 48, s. 2006 was deemed inutile?

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