Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why her need to "consort"?

This posting is prompted by the nagging question on why Rep. Amelita Villarosa has to do the consorting of the president, as typified by her ushering in of PGMA in the latter's SONA in the Batasan..
As I pointed out in the previous post, the province does not get anything out of her extra-curricular activity as a lawmaker. I said extra-curricular activity for her main activity is supposedly to craft law(s). In this area, actually, her performance is quite not satisfactory (please refer to the older postings pertinent to Rep. Villarosa's legislative performance in the 13th Congress).
If this is not in any way bringing benefits to the province, then why her need to consort? A view is there that her consorting the president really intended to project the image that she's close to the president of the Philippines. Again, the question that begs for a straightforward answer: why does she need to consort?
Let me posit a possibility. She needs to because she needs the clout of the president for whatever help it could serve her husband in jail.
Yes, it's a bold assertion.. I just hope I am mistaken.

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