Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sterile Palay Seeds: How It Affects The Farmers

For an agricultural area like the province of Occidental Mindoro, the possession of palay seeds -- and any seeds for that matter -- is possession of life itself by the farmers. Seeds contain the potentia of life -- not just of the palay, but likewise and more importantly of the farmers and their families.
What do have for now? Glaring mark of the government's hybridization program of agriculture is the inability of the hybrid palay seeds for second generation. This is a result of the modification of genetic make-up of the seeds which were originally naturally designed for propagation. As we know, scientific advancement has already gone this far.
Likewise, thanks to the capitalists who have caused the introduction and eventual proliferation of these kinds of seeds in the market. And, of course, to the government that has included as element(s) of its government programs for the farmers the use of these kinds of palay seeds.
In the concrete, this has resulted to the disappearance of that locus where the farmers used to claim independence from the claws of the capitalists. The farmers were using seeds that can generate itself for infinity. Now, the available seeds need to be bought from the agricultural enterprises -- every cropping season -- and in so doing the farmers are held by their very neck.
Isang pagkakataon na naman ng pagtatanikala sa mga magsasaka..

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